Krystle. irreversibly contaminated, shameless tv whore. Queen!Cate stan more?

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I don’t think I am considered a Hollywood star. I have sometimes been told ‘you are on the verge of stardom’, and it amuses me. My professional choices are not those of a star: I am still intrigued by atypical scripts and the idea exploring unknown grounds excite me as much as ever. Thus, I have a predilection for characters that lose themselves; I always look for the flaw, the accident, the vice. As for my private life, it is not gossip material. I have been married to the same man for ten years and I have no taste for exhibitionism. There is no scandal in my life. As a result I am left alone, which make me extremely happy: anonymity fits me perfectly.



"I think first and foremost, although she is a great film actor obviously, I think she is - you know I can say this because I’m her husband - but I think she is one of the greatest stage actors of our time. - Andrew Upton


totally illegal but whatever man, they only said it’s not allowed to record the actual show. this was AFTER. and the play was totally amazing!!! no regrets. I will always pay to come see the Queen any time.

but for my safety I’m not going to tag this so as not to alarm ~authorities~. this is for my own personal enjoyment. please do not repost. :)



get to know me meme — [1/5] favourite actresses: cate blanchett

I don’t know if I ever really wanted to be an actor. I’m an active person - the thought of waiting for the phone to ring wasn’t something that sat happily with me. But I kept doing it, trying not to do it, and then doing it. There’s such a blessed unrest that you feel all the time, but maybe that’s what keeps you going.

Cate Blanchett by Warwick Saint.