Krystle. irreversibly contaminated, shameless tv whore. Queen!Cate stan more?

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totally illegal but whatever man, they only said it’s not allowed to record the actual show. this was AFTER. and the play was totally amazing!!! no regrets. I will always pay to come see the Queen any time.

but for my safety I’m not going to tag this so as not to alarm ~authorities~. this is for my own personal enjoyment. please do not repost. :)



get to know me meme — [1/5] favourite actresses: cate blanchett

I don’t know if I ever really wanted to be an actor. I’m an active person - the thought of waiting for the phone to ring wasn’t something that sat happily with me. But I kept doing it, trying not to do it, and then doing it. There’s such a blessed unrest that you feel all the time, but maybe that’s what keeps you going.

Cate Blanchett by Warwick Saint.


"You can’t like your character. You have to be compassionate toward your character. You have to have a forensic understanding of them. But you have to remain detached. You can’t judge them in any way. Because then you’re telling the audience what to think. And that’s not my job.”  - Cate Blanchett


The Monuments Men- Press conference


Cate being flawless at the “How to Train Your Dragon 2” Photocall - 67th Annual Cannes Film Festival