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Now you’re gonna live with this.

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'Will is dead.'

first actual conversation in like a year and a half. and it had to be about this. WHYYYYY.

Dramatics, Your Honor

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If kalinda goes then I guess that’s really it for me with TGW. We were never going back to the way it was and archie doesn’t deserve the crap storyline she’s been getting. It was hinted or maybe flat out said that she’s going to be written out of the show a year ago. I would’ve been outraged back then but now I think I’ll be so glad she actually leaves.

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Stating this now, for the record: 

I’ve been through emotional hell over the mess that was made of the Kalinda/Alicia friendship. In late season 3/early season 4 they were working on rebuilding a relationship that, in the middle of season 4 just evaporated for no reason whatsoever. Alicia stopped trying. That’s her prerogative but her actions shouldn’t be without consequence.

Alicia’s choice to keep her decision to leave L/G from Kalinda and to allow her to find out via Robyn - not only about her imminent departure, but also what her failure to disclose it entailed - that Alicia no longer valued Kalinda enough to let her in on something so important was, at the very least, knowingly dismissive of the feelings of someone who has repeatedly demonstrated that she cares about her deeply and at times at her own expense. 

Since then, Alicia has been faced with no fallout over her decision to, inexplicably, ostracize Kalinda from her life. Kalinda, for her part, has defended Alicia to Will during the peak of his anger, been subject to manipulation by Eli regarding her ongoing feelings of affection for Alicia in order to get her to do work for Peter that she didn’t want to do and been put on the spot by Damien - left speechless when asked if she had any friends, just to name a few instances of her struggle with the situation.  

Given all of that, and the fact that KALINDA, forsaking all others (if necessary), is who I care about; I’ve found it possible to move past missing the Kalinda/Alicia friendship. The spoilers for 5x11 suggest that KALINDA is going to attempt to repair a relationship gone wrong…and you know what? I find myself hoping that it’s NOT her relationship with Alicia because it’s not KALINDA’S responsibility to fix that relationship at this point. 

If (and I’ll believe it when I see it) that friendship is ever to be resurrected, it needs to be done right and that’s not with Kalinda groveling or emotionally helpless over Alicia. She is a character that has ALWAYS sacrificed for Alicia and she deserves more respect than she’s gotten. It was ALICIA that made the choice and approached Kalinda about working on their relationship - previous to that instance Kalinda had done her best to, considering their circumstances, respect Alicia’s request to keep their relationship professional. It was then ALICIA that made the choice to STOP working on that relationship and to remove herself from the situation without explanation or consideration of Kalinda’s feelings.

It’s not Kalinda’s responsibility to rectify everything that has happened. Regardless of how I once felt about the Kalinda/Alicia friendship, I have no interest in seeing it revived as long as it continues to be something over which Kalinda is made an emotional punching bag. She’s been punished enough. 

and by Alicia, I think you mean Julianna Margulies.

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So, how do you not like Katy Perry?

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How much for friends: 414 vs. 511

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smh at this random cop’s “friend” comment to Kalinda. giiirl, she knew you for like 5 minutes. Kalinda had only one friend. and now she has none. :( so don’t even.

TGW 511: Damian and Kalinda (requested by anon)

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