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you have to fight for what you own;

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The Fall (2013) - 1x01 - Gillian Anderson » Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson

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You don’t even know who you are yet, son. Do you ? But… You wanna play Billy Badass ? You go right ahead. But I spent enough time with you to know you’re afraid of me. That’s why you have your idiot friend here for backup. I know you, Laskey. Just like I know Jerry back there is a lieutenant in Bronx Vice who paid for this bar with dirty cash from shaking down hookers. And I have the proof to put him away for it. Now I was gonna wait and arrest you two with everyone else but if this is how you wanna play it, little man… Guess I’ll have to take you down right now.

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Dana Scully Timeline [inspo]

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Scully and her glasses

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One thing I can do, that I’ve always been able to do, that game, Concentration. Memory. Connecting things.

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Special Agent Dana Katherine Scully, MD. (February 23, 1964)

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6x13 Agua Mala

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Jekyll, infiltrate my Hyde
I demanded, he supplied

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