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"The truth will save you, Scully. I think it’ll save both of us." - Fox Mulder

"Sometimes the only sane answer to an insane world is insanity." - Fox Mulder

The Good Wife | Season 1 | Alicia/Kalinda
"Everything is you. Everything you want to be you, is you."

Hannibal - Apéritif, Amuse-Bouche, Potage.

"Look upward, and share… the wonders I have seen."

Farscape | One cap per episode.

in-house-investigator requested Kalinda Sharma + purple

Feliz Cumpleaños Laura Sánchez! (May 29, 1980)

"I’ve had a picture of your face in my mind for twenty years. I remember a loving husband, a generous man, a patriot. I may have been under orders to fabricate a life with you, but there were times when the illusion of our marriage was as powerful for me as it was for you…"

Happy Birthday Catherine Élise Blanchett!

You know, some people go miniature golfing with their parents. We go to India and look for nukes.

SpyFamily Vacations!

Jess and Alex - Mistresses (Series 1)

“I know a lot of people who weren’t anything until they met Kalinda”

The Good Wife 3x15 - Live From Damascus

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